Robert Ferrars and Lucy Steele:

Mr. and Mrs. Ferrars announced the marriage of their son Mr. Robert Ferrars to Miss Lucy Steele. No photo was provided.

Mr. John Willoughby and Miss Sophia Grey:

The families of Mr. John Willoughby and Miss Sophia Grey are delighted to announce their engagement to be married. They will be married in London in the Church of England.

Mr. Edward Ferrars and Miss Elinor Dashwood:

The Dashwood Family is happy to announce the engagement of eldest daughter Miss Elinor Dashwood to clergymen Mr. Edward Ferrars. After a long and cherished friendship, the two will be married in a small rectory in Devonshire, with close friends and family in attendance.

Colonel Christopher Brandon and Miss Marianne Dashwood:

The Dashwood family is happy to announce the engagement of Miss Marianne Dashwood, the second daughter of the late Mr. Dashwood and Mrs. Dashwood, to Colonel Christopher Brandon. This is the second engagement in the Dashwood family this year. The wedding will take place in a romantic garden setting at the Delaford rectory.