Some shocking news has made its way into our newsroom this morning! One can only guess who might be involved in it! Mr. Willoughby! That’s right! Gossip and scandal seem to follow this so-called gentleman around. The story came in this morning after an evening of private conversation between Colonel Brandon and Miss Elinor Dashwood. One of our sources overheard their conversation about young Miss Marianne and her alleged connection to Mr. Willoughby leading up to the scandal that surrounds him.  Our source tells us that Colonel Brandon started by asking Miss Dashwood how her sister is after she had fallen sick. After hearing that she is recovering slowly he relates to Miss Dashwood some family secrets he had been holding. Colonel Brandon is the younger son of Mr. Brandon who was gracious enough to gain a ward, a Miss Eliza. It seems that Colonel Brandon grew very fond of Miss Eliza and falling in love with her was determined to marry and run away with her. However, Miss Eliza was promised to Colonel Brandon’s elder brother. After Colonel Brandon found out about this, he felt to join the army. Upon his absence, Miss Eliza was married to Mr. Brandon, which was told to be a very unpleasant marriage for the young lady. Colonel Brandon came home to find that Miss Eliza had run away and was divorced from his brother. This leads us to our first scandal of this story Miss Elisa had become to live off the street. Our source then told us that Miss Eliza had a baby during her time on the street and that the baby is now Colonel Brandon’s ward. Now here is where the story really gets scandalous. It turns out that these young ladies have a lot in common as the younger Miss Eliza also was known to have run away. Upon finally finding her Colonel Brandon has found her to be pregnant. And guess who the father is? It is none other than Mr. Willoughby! This came as a great surprise to all that know him here in the south. Lord Middleton himself is known to have called him “ a very charming young man,” and to have “claimed the heart of a particular young lady.” At this Lord Middleton glanced over at Miss Marianne Dashwood. We now know how her relationship with Mr. Willoughby transpired. What is most surprising about this story is that it has just recently been announced that Mr. Willoughby is now engaged to a Miss Sophia Grey, a young woman of significant fortune. Does Miss Grey know about Willoughby’s past? If so what does that mean for Mr. Willoughby’s future?