You’ve been waiting all year for it to arrive and it’s finally here – the Season! If you’re a young, single woman of marriageable age, you need to be in London during this period to maximise your chances of securing a handsome, rich husband. Get the scoop on what’s happening in town, the best events to attend, and what to wear.


The Latest Fashion Trend: Empire necklines and long white gloves

If you’re attending a ball this season, make sure you have a dress with an empire neckline in your closet! Long white gloves are also an unquestionable must; you might as well stay home without them. Remember that the dances involve touching hands with gentlemen and skin-to-skin contact is highly frowned upon, if not the cause for total scandal and destruction of your reputation.


The Best Area to Shop: Bond Street

To stay on top of the latest and most stylish fashion trends, make sure you stop by Bond Street and visit the shops there. Local resident Mrs. Palmer frequently conducts business there and has spoken favourably of it as one of the best areas for shopping. Take care not to just purchase the most expensive gown; even ladies with a modest income can increase their attractiveness and appeal with a well-selected gown. Good taste is also a measure of your social worth, so exercise it with care!


The Best Events to Attend: Balls, dinners, and parties, oh my!

As you’re aware, open season is the most favourable time for a young lady who has entered society to meet her future husband. Balls, dinner parties, and leaving cards at the houses of your close acquaintances are all essential events that must be attended if you want to mingle with the young and single. Brush up on your piano and singing skills, as you may be called upon to perform and demonstrate your worth!