Edward Ferrars

Age: 23

Income: £1,000/year

Primary residence: London, Norland Park, Oxford


Single ladies of Norland, don’t despair! The single, young, and soon-to-be-wealthy Edward Ferrars was recently spotted in town visiting his sister, Fanny Dashwood, and rumour has it that he is currently unattached, with no marriage prospects on the horizon. Described as gentlemanlike and pleasing, he appears to have a fine upbringing and a pleasant demeanour (although it should be noted: he is not trained in a specific profession). Despite his natural shyness and a tendency to prefer the quiet of private life, close acquaintances have remarked that he has an open, affectionate heart and is exceedingly loyal. Those who find men with good character appealing may wish to spend a little more time in Norland Park this season.


Unfortunately, Mr. Ferrars rejected our request for an interview, but the following testimonials have been gathered from close family and acquaintances:


Mrs. Dashwood: “Quite different from the rest of his family, which is a positive thing already in my mind. His heart is warm, and his temper is affectionate. I think very highly of him.”

Fanny Dashwood: “My brother? Yes he is a fine man, although I do wish he had a little more ambition. Perhaps if I could interest him in a profession – something distinguished, such as parliament – then he would have some more drive to increase his status.”

Elinor Dashwood: “He is very amiable, gentlemanlike and pleasing, with good sense and sweetness. Yes, his shyness may influence one’s initial impression, but I assure you that after spending some time with him, you will see his good qualities in stark view.”