Updates in the Social Sphere

Recent events have led to the discovery that Miss Lucy Steele, the beautiful but uneducated girl who had ensnared Edward Ferrars’ attention, is now setting her sights on someone else: none other than Robert Ferrars, Edward’s brother! Miss Lucy Steele is a distant cousin of Mrs. Jenning’s and went to stay at Barton Park, where Miss Lucy Steele first met Elinor Dashwood. There have been earlier reports of a relationship unfurling between Elinor and Edward but the discovery of a prior engagement between Edward and Lucy squashed those rumours. A woman of lower economic status, Lucy had first become engaged to Edward a few years ago but sources saw Robert Ferrars leaving Miss Steele’s residence late in the evening this past week. There have been past speculations as to whether Miss Steele’s engagement to Mr. Ferrars was a strategic ploy to increase her social status, but our sources tell us that this interaction between Lucy Steele and Robert Ferrars came after the news that Edward would no longer be inheriting the family fortune and our sources say it is now Robert who is in line for the fortune, leading to questions of Miss Lucy Steele’s intent. We can only wonder now how this news has affected Elinor and Edward’s relationship and if we will again see a rise of interest in that rumour. No news on how Edward Ferrars is taking this latest blow.